Black Ice Gathering isse?

So i’m trying to gather Black Ice and i’m only getting it on the first swing. i’m not getting anymore on the other swings and the black ice is still showing up and doesn’t despawn? Is this happening to anyone else?

I have noticed that when mining sometimes my inventory alert vanishes. I can still mine and it fills my inventory, but unless I reset the screen, I won’t get the alerts that my inventory is growing.

However, this happens randomly and isn’t isolated to Black Ice.

Does this happen at a specific location only? There is an issue with some black ice nodes near one of the wolf vaults but the black ice in other location works properly for me. If it is the same location, then it is a known issue or at least one reported by multiple users.

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Yeah my issue was near one of the wolf Delvs. Glad to know it’s not just me then. I haven’t tried other locations but i will try today and update!


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