Isle of Siptah: Tree Tops, Grass, and Fiber Nodes turn invisible

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Basic Info:

Platform: =PlayStation 5=
Issue Type: =Graphics=
Game Mode: =Single player/Co-Op=
Server Type: PvE
Map: =Isle of Siptah=
Server Name: =Single Player/Co-Op=

Bug Description:

On the Isle of Siptah the Trees, Grass, Fiber nodes and overall Greenery turn invisible after the First Eclipse and before the First Maelstrom and stay invisible the entire play through, it makes gathering Fiber and Plant Based resources hard to find unless I swing my Sickle around and hope to find something, the Exiles lands does not have this problem, only the Isle of Siptah.

Bug Reproduction:

I tried reinstalling the game to fix the problem but the same thing as described happens, I even tried to start a new game and the same thing happened, is their plans to fix this, it makes the Isle look, just plain sad, and a waste of such a beautiful expansion Map.


Hi, this is a known problem.

Funcom is aware of it and I am sure they will find a solution in future.

But there is a little workaround for it.

You need something made out of star metal. If you are not at the stage in your gameplay just spawn it from admin menu.

If you select a star metal weapon or tool the leaves appear after a second.

It’s a kind of magic :blush:


Yes on official Siptah the starmetel weapon makes it all come back of course barren forest makes it easy to see the bad guys.


Yeah I must say after month I am starting to like this little exploit.

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I grabbed Dalinsia and take her sword when I wanted foliage she does not seem to mind giving her Lemurian sword from the gentleman at the cages . We farm and delete them just for the Swords.

Already Spawned one and it worked :wink:

ALSO I may have found the reason behind this bug, The Blacksmithing Benches, I interacted with that and the Tree tops and Grass Vanished, so I pulled out the Star Metal Tool respawned them and interacted with the Work Benches, when I interacted with the Blacksmith Bench the Greenery vanished again, so far that’s the only one I know of that does it, if I find out more I’ll update you all! :+1:

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Thanks for the info

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