Isle of Siptah Foliage

There is still a persisting issue where foliage on trees, grass on the ground and even shrubs that are used for fiber do not show up or load in at all.

The landscape looks barren and it removes actual game items for crafting. I do not have screen shots or any other kind of info to do your job for you, it happens all over siptah on official servers, and during offline/coop play

Fix this game, address the main game breaking issues, give us a ps5 upgrade, or just start issuing refunds. That, or please please just sell the conan ip to a company who will put in the actual work and care.

After years of this it’s beyond frustrating already.

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@AwfulKerfuffle this is happening on ps4 and PS5 we recently purchased equipping a star metal weapon or tool will fix tried on or private server however we a playing on official and not being able to get fiber stinks since we have not progressd to starmetel yet one advantage is being able to see the critters.

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