Tree foilage and some bushes are not rendering in Siptah correctly

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:


Bug Reproduction:

Resource tree foilage and plant fiber bushes are missing when initially entering the server around the character. Only comes in when I leave the rendering range area and come back.


I can confirm this is not solely a server related issue, either. I’ve tested official servers, unofficial servers, single player, and co-op. Leaving the area and coming back, at least from my testing, sometimes fixes the issue, but it’s almost always temporary for my wife an I. After a few minutes of playing (sometimes even less than five minutes) the foliage disappears again.

Returning to the main menu and switching from ‘Quality’ to ‘Performance’ video options and loading in, all the foliage returns with the exception of the ground-cover foliage (which I believe is intentional for Performance mode). Then, we switched back to Quality and loaded back in, and the foliage was back - but this too was temporary after a few moments of playing the foliage ceased rendering.

In addition, from my testing, this bug does not appear to occur on the Exiled Lands, though EL has a number of other pop-in issues, particularly around Meadowatch north-west of New Asagarth, where the entire small ‘village’ visibly pops in just a short distance from the character, and can be made to pop in and out by moving back and forth.

Same thing is happening to me right now. I’ve closed app multiple times and it hasn’t fixed it. I’m just getting back to the game so I can’t even get fiber unless I swing a sickle like a mad man.

Likewise in solo and on a private server.

Honestly, if they ever decide to implement seasons (or than the Battle pass variety) the bare trees give a very stark and bleak look.
Not bad at all

That said, we all know it is not as intended.


I am on a PS4pro and can say the same things are happening. 80% of Siptah has invisible foliage you cant even see to harvest, etc. sometimes foliage and trees pop in at some locations… until you turn around, then they are gone again. It makes Siptah look fugly, and this being my first time experiencing Siptah this DLC seems ugly asf the way it is. Yes foliage makes a BIG aesthetic difference, and i hope they fix these invisible asset issues FAST.

I’ve been trying to keep on top of this issue at a variety of forums, and so far have seen little in the way of even acknowledgement of this issue. According to another post I saw discussing this issue, it extends even to foliage in planter boxes, though I have not tested this particular issue myself.

I decided to upload a few images of what we’re seeing, for the purposes of demonstration. It’s almost as if the lower quality LOD models are loading in the place of the proper models, as the trees also seem to have gaps between the base of the tree and the ground, as well as being somewhat oddly shaped at times - details likely not noticed from a distance, but up close they’re instantly noticeable.

This is conjecture of course, as I don’t know enough about how Conan loads it’s models to say if that’s the case for sure.

It’s been happening since 3.0 and no fixes at 3.1.
I login on Siptah and the leeves on trees, bushes and grass are gone.
Sometimes it takes more than 1 hour for them to appear.
Specially noticeable on green areas near beaches, but lately all over the map.

Can confirm this on a new private server. Issue persists through server/console restarts.

I too am experiencing this. If I go to the fishmen vault the one near the southern coast the leaves and bushes come back, but they disappear again if I go through a loading screen.

Well, at the very least it looks like it now says ‘report received’ here - which is more regarding the issue than I’ve seen in the weeks since 3.0’s release.

Regular PS4. Have this occur on my Isle of Siptah, solo and PVE 8110.

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