Could we get some bo stick/staves visuals for the hammer?

Personally I’ve always preferred bo sticks or staves (in games) but I do have kind of an iron-clad one (as a hammer skin…starts with a K…I can’t remember the name as of writing this.)

Was just hoping to suggest this feature.

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The Bloodied Kanabo might be what you’re thinking about. Ironically, I was just looking at this myself the other day. :wink:

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There’s a cane skin - the Glamour Hammer - but it’s not quite a staff!

There is also the Mayan Spear hammer skin, but it has yet to make its return to Secret World Legends. I’m hoping we see it at some point in the future! It was one of my favorite hammer skins, and while not a stick/staff like you’re looking for, it’s much less a hammer than most skins!


Personally I feel like firearms need the love more in the varied skin department. Like hammer gets some awesome spears, the glamour hammer and axes and firearms get iterations of guns.
Particular frustrating with the national skins being slightly changed looks from one end to another. I wish we had some more crazy stuff in there like crossbows, longbows, fingerpistols…
People might argue about immersion breaking but in all honesty we love such stuff from bunny heads to mankinis (or glamour hammers)…

or we could get the Kawaii Cache…waaaay overdue. :wink:

@Vomher Imagine like a wooden branch or stick. OMG I would love that lmao.

EDIT: Not like a tauren tree trunk tho. Something I could put in a satchel-type/loop assortment (or on the back too) on the belt or something lol. :smiley: Like a Journeyman/hiking stick.

EDIT: Like a white stick from the BF trees. :open_mouth:

They could even do locale-specific options like a KM fishing rod. A SC magician’s staff (for creepy circus conductor) or egyptian stuff or egyptian (dark/ritualistic stuff) or BF/Romanian old time shottys or daggers or Hunting Gear (CF-styled). Just a few thoughts lol. Or even oar-shaped (KM) fist weapons :open_mouth:


I would like the Shillelagh of my forefathers. Now that was a stick that you knew you’d been hit with. Briefly.

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An umbrella Blade/AR/Shotgun/Hammer would be good too. Truly a weapon among weapons.
Could even do Ele if they let players do some of those water effects in-future.


I’ll be that guy this time, and tell you that this forum’s section is not the best spot for this kind of topics.