Could you please remove or at least increase that Tethering distance?

Developers please… :pray:

"Could you please remove or at least increase that Tethering distance?"

U see that there are so many people asking for this. So why you don’t do something with this? It’s reason why so many people leaving this game for some time or for ever, because it’s really terrible.

Not Everyone likes big servers where is everyone running and ruining your progress or roleplay.

If it’s something with that you’re afraid of servers profit… so make Maximum of players for Coop…
Or give us for every buyed DLC e.g. +50.000 range extra… We are really desperate about this

I really love your game. You’re doin’ amazing work, but this is something what really spoils your game.
:sob: :sob: :sob:

I will be really glad for your response…

UPDATE: I’ve rent the server… It’s quite cheap, but instead of buying DLCs, I’ll pay server. It’s a bit shame.

Just in case you didn’t realize: You can increase it yourself in the Server Settings.
However, I’m going to assume you’ve already tried to set it to the maximum amount and found it too small.

Well, the tethering distance is there for technical reasons, and it has nothing to do with profit off of servers. For the record Funcom makes no money off servers, official or otherwise, so that is not the reason!

If you want to go beyond the maximum limit, you’ll have to set up your own server. Depending on your hardware, this can be done on the same machine you’re playing Conan Exiles on, or it can be a spare computer you own (if you have extras, some people do), or you can rent a server. If you want a low player limit (since it’s just for you and a friend, really) it’s not THAT pricey. Though admittedly, compared to the “nothing” cost of the coop mode, I acknowledge that any cost is going to be sour. Therefore, my suggestion would be to run your own server (which is free).

I am not an expert on how to set up a server on the same machine you’re playing from, but if that’s the solution you’ll want to proceed with, there’s plenty of information out there (as well as some nifty tools provided by Funcom I believe) to help you out. And you can always post in the Players Helping Players forum as well, should you get stuck.

Best of luck!


The engine itself, the way they using it, can’t do what you want.


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