Craft an exceptional or flawless item

A journey step and an achievement both say, craft an exceptional or flawless item.
I crafted the flawless darfari set, but didn’t get the journey step or the achievement.

Either change the text so it says exceptional or flawless weapon, or make armors count, this is just misleading.

It’s not the only one. They should recheck all the journey steps…

“Find signs of intelligent life” Yet coming across other humans, their camps, even their journals doesn’t count. It has to be those runestone things.

“Survive a sandstorm outside of a shelter” Yet only wearing a sandstorm mask works, even though you can survive a sandstorm in other ways.

“Use an explosive” It has to be a specific explosive… Explosive traps don’t work.

And there are probably others.

yea there are a few Journal bugs atm that they are Aware of. Same goes for equipping light armor. Still not working.


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on servers…

in single player all of them works fine. also weapon racks too.

Didn’t pay attention to the journey step in single player, so not sure, but I also made flawless darfari armor in single player, yet the achievement is still locked.
So this specific thing does not work in single player (possibly with weapon, but not with armor).

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Okay with armor that might not work indeed. I made a sword flawless acheronian I guess. That one worked. and the standard light armor too. It was EA tho… but servers won’t counted these that time either.

Haven’t tested single player after launch. Cuz I am affraid to log out from the server I am playing. :smiley: