Trouble with journey points

So, I’m playing singleplayer modded and I’m just going through my journey points for the XP. So far I’m on chapter 5 and I have to craft an exceptional or flawless item. Before the current update, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but now that flawless and exceptional tiers have been removed, I can’t complete that journey point and therefore I can’t progress through it. Would this be an issue based on the update, or the fact that I’m playing with AoC and that could override the journey points?

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I can’t speak for new update (ps4 user) Don’t you need t3+ thrall to make the items?

Compared to before, if you had dlc you could make one of those. XD

On PC there was a new update yesterday, update 2.1. It completely overhauled crafting with thralls and whatnot. Where T4 thralls used to craft flawless tier gear, there are T4 thralls who increase some stats of gear, such as durability, penetration, or damage on weapons. That mechanic replaced the flawless and exceptional gear tiers, meaning that I can’t craft anything exceptional or flawless to complete the journey point.

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With exceptional and flawless recipes removed from the game, we need an update on the journey steps. I would consider the journey “bugged” as in impossible to complete.

Hey @TrueGamerGurl

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to our community. We’ve poked our team about it so they can look into it.


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