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[Describe the bug here]is it a bug ??? ironstone stack has dropped from 1000 to 100 and many other items have also been affected … also they do seem to be heavier ?

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Hi, Makoosa, and welcome to the forums. Sorry about your issues, but you gave us too little to work with.

I could not replicate this in solo, so the first thing to ask is to specify the four items at the top of the form you used to post this. The last four are pretty self-evident.

The next piece of information that helps is whether or not you use mods.



And the most important question is do you use mods because this sounds like a MOD issue.

i am currently trying mods , with ?? little effect . i will unsubscribe if this is not an update , My first thought was it was a return to the older stack sizes and weights … thanks for the reply

there hasn’t been a patch or anything so it is most likely one of your installed mods. give us a list, maybe we can identify which one is causing the issue.

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