Please Increase Stack Size for All Non-Perishable Resources

As someone who suffers from Repetitive Strain Injuries, the change to stacking for wood, plant fiber, stone, etc. is greatly appreciated. While I can understand not wanting to allow players to cram a fighter thrall full of 1000 steel bars or the like, I think there are still some items that could merit stack consolidation.

My suggestion would be to increase the stack size to 1000 for all non-perishable resources. This would include ironstone, coal, starmetal ore, brimstone, hide, fur, cochineals (those annoying red bugs from cacti and the volcano trees), crystal, seeds, resin, ichor, etc., but not processed goods like steel bars, aloe potions, or shaped wood.

Failing that, please consider adding a Drop All button when someone does an inventory search on a particular item. I’m not kidding when I say that trying to drop 100s of stacks of cochineal bugs really makes my hands sore.


Great suggestion,

please implement also for the consoles.

Maybe you can also set the stack size in the admin menu.

Greetings from Germany. And thanks to the google translator.

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Only reason I can think of for not having ALL things stack to 1000 or more is PvP. So, I say at least make the admin settings allow for choosing stack sizes for the server. On all official servers, go ahead and set smaller sizes for PvP, but on any PvE official server, make the default 1000 or more.

Fish from traps - ugh!
Rotting flesh from blue wraiths - you have to be kidding me!
Demon blood - this is just silly!

Please stop with the tiny stacks of stuff that make us clicky draggy all day long. There is absolutely no point in it, other than sadistic torture of paying customers, lol.

I use stack mods in single play and on my dedicated server. Nobody with a choice would ever choose to play with tiny stack sizes. Make the game hard in battle. Make survival hard. Make getting levels and feats hard. These are all enjoyable and satisfying. Making inventory management hard is NOT enjoyable.


I always run with mods that increase stack size, but I can definitely understand how this would be an issue for people who play on official servers, or who bought the game for console (and thus can’t use mods). If you’re on PC you can use Immersive Sexiles Stacks x1000, Stacksize Plus, or Age of Calamitous. It’s been a while since I’ve used the first two, though, so they may or may not work on a recent version of Conan.

I would like to see larger stack sizes for most base resources, though, because if I ever decide to play on vanilla that would be a big concern for me.

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