Stack Sizes (Again)

Please allow all items—All. All of them. Yes. Even consumables—To be in stacks of 1000. The inconsistency just kills me. Some lotus plants are only in stacks of 100. Some are in 1000. Some plants are 250. Some are 500. My arrows comes in 100. My other consumables are 50.

Alternatively, adding a stack size setting for server settings might be nice too.

Thank you for your consideration!


If i can say something on this it is about yellow lotus flowers. After the aloe leaves, the yellow lotus flower is the most useful plant. It is still in stacks of 20. I do understand that all the other lotus flowers are pet food, so it’s better to exist in bigger stacks, but some of us have the habit to carry cleansing brew with us. So we need a lot of yellow lotus every day. Stacks of 20 means at least 2 chests in the base only for yellow lotus. Yes it is a really good idea, all the stacks in1000. We would use at least the half amount of chests that we use right now.

As long as the enc perk5 is, what it is, there is no balance purpose…

True that! For PvP it has probably more effects than PvE… Because, why should I build 20 chests, if 10 would also be enough… No one can steal my stuff anyway (in PvE)

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It’s inconsistent, and that bothers me. Some lotus are 1000 (yellow, red, etc) others are 100 (black lotus.) That doesn’t make any sense, and has nothing to do with balance—it’s just an oversight, and an annoying one when I’m playing ‘Inventory Management: 2020.’

I hate 1000 stacks honestly… on ps4 spiting stacks and moving slider at a slower then snail pace isnt fun.

100 for wood and stone sucked…and made inventory fusrating cycle thru… 1000 made it way to easy losing them in full inventory…

I’m happy with 50 stacks on food, 20 on some of rare plants. 50 wouldn’t be a bad number to use more over. Building parts I would have stopped at 200.

Makes it alot easier to nab a stack that wont weigh me down instantly so i can walk over to work bench and make something. More QoL then anything.
Before, you just grabbed a few stacks, walk to work bench and made stuff. Now you grab 798 stone… snail on over workbench… or relize chest by woodworker is out of wood, so you waltz over to artisan bench and snail crawl over…which takes about as much time to quick spilt a stack twice.
I hate the 1000 stacks… Its blessing on the one side at start of game when you got 5-6 woodboxes in your small starter hut. Or your storage spot, now only has 10 chests instead of 50. XD

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Since thralls do an abundance more dmg then the actual player does I tend to run around in an encumberance build and let the thrall do the hard work. If I’m running a dungeon just take some healing arrows. This way I never worry about how fast I can move. Stamina may not be great but I can get away if needed. Or if I feel like getting in the action I’ll change to a fighting build. Just use a potion of bestial memory. I keep stock of supplies to make them so i can switch as often as i want.

I do get it though the slider bar is slow as heck. And i use large crates for storage not chests. Currently have 110 of them. :joy:

My encumberance build:
Kahri Soldier Armor for +6 vit and +6 grit
Strength: 1st perk
Agility: 1st perk
Vitality: 2nd perk
Accuracy: 1 point (leftovers)
Grit: just over 1st perk
Encumberance: Max
Survival: 2nd perk

While I understand the variance in stack size due to PvP balance, there are also some baffling inconsistences too. For example, I can understand aloe being restricted to a stack of 100. But why would leavening agent, and perhaps more strangely Hops be restricted to 100, when lotus flowers are now 1,000!? Unless there is something I have missed, I just dont get it. I also wouldnt mind if yellow lotus was raised to 50, or maybe even 100.


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