Plant Stack Sizes

Can you guys please make all the plant types have the same stack size… I don’t see a logical reason that some are stuck at 20 and some are at 100. Do you see some advantage to forcing the smaller stack sizes? Please, for the OCD in all of us, make things standard across the board. Thanks.


I’d like larger stack sizes mostly to reduce all the clicking and RSI fatigue. BTW, it’s like this on PC also, not just PS4.

Yeah there seems to be not so much logic behind stack-sizes… The most annoying ones are the glas-flasks…
Empty or water = 20. Dye in it = 100. Orbs = 25?! And make clean water of glas-flask = 50!

Yellow lotus = 20. All other = 100…

Demon blood = 20. Human or black blood = 100…


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