Aloe stack up to 500

Why not? Actually you can lot of stuff stack up to 1000, except Aloe. Its still limited to 100 and the amount you get and you need will bloat up your storages.
Or increase the amount of Aloe by planting them. Except for grey lotus it makes no sense to plant anything at all o,o


I can agree with that. I also suggest that the stack size for Yellow Lotus be increased, as 20 is too low. Every other type of lotus stacks at 1,000, so I would politely request that this one be increase to adjust this disproportion.


Not only Aloe, but all raw resources should stack to 1000.


How are you guys forgetting putrid meat??? :joy: that’s priority #1 in my book. Your inventory is full from harvesting only HALF the hyenas at sinkhole or like 12 skellingtons from unnamed city :city_sunset:


Very good idea, there are few items which have too low max stack size, I don’t understand why is that.

Is there some purpose or reason for example eldarium, khari steel and star metal has so low stack size? I see none except by this showing it is “more rare” than other metals.

Or rotten meat. One has to go and farm skeleton skulls for sorcery progress, and ends up spending lot of annoying time throwing out the small stacks of rotten meat.

EDIT: LOL, KingTyler said it for me already. :sweat_smile:


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