Can we please get stack size increase for some items?


With the economy update on its way, I think it would be a really good idea to change stack numbers for some items.

aloe - 100 - 500 - aloe has become more popular now with the healing changes and after one farming seassion I end up with a full chest already.

demon blood 100 - 500 - farming the maelstrom almost everyday, i ended up with too much of the stuf. In my opinion it takes too much space with its current stack size.

gold/silver bar 100 - 200 - more abundant in Siptah, stack size should be increased.

glass flask 20 - 200 - placing 5k crystals and a glass flask mold in the furnance you end up with a crowded furnance. This will still be a problem with the casting table and 1k glass can yield 16 stacks of glass flasks which is not a pretty sight.

decaying eldarium 100 - 200 - as a type of ore, I think it deservers a better stack number.

yellow lotus - 20 - 200 - the only lotus flower that’s been neglected. All the other lotus stack to

inking brush - 10 -100 - I’m using warpaints alot and inking brush 10 in a stack is upsetting.

Please make war paints and cosmetic tattoos stack to 20 at least. Stack of 1 is a nightmare to efficiently storage all the variety of tatooes. I wanted to craft every type to have it ready for wear and I gave up. They require too much space.

The same feeling about sigils. I think they take way too much space considering you get them pretty fast.

Please bear in mind that this is a personal opinion which I’m not forcing on anyone.
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Yeah, I’d be happy to see a bit of a shift along these lines. Some of these I’m not so bothered about (gold and, weirdly, glass flasks (for some reason I just never seem to bother crafting more than about 50 at any one time, so they’ve never really wound up bothering me so much)) - not to suggest I’d be bothered if they were changed, just not really worried either way. But some I definitely experience as well - Aloe and Demon Blood just always seem to fill up space and they’re just a bit too valuable to be willing to throw away (it’ll all be useful eventually, just in the way now…).

Inking brush always feels strangely inconvenient at only 10. At the very least I think it would be nice if it stacked to 20 to match the papyrus - just seems a natural fit. I mostly only craft a few warpaints at a time, but even then as the game goes on I’ve wound up with a fair number cluttering up storage. Even if it was as low as a stack of 5, that would at least help keep things a little more organised.

(Not that I’m suggesting your stack sizes are too high (I’d be happy with those too) - more just that any stack size increase in some of these areas would be a bonus :slight_smile: )


Shudders at the memory of 100-stack stone


NO, it is a survival game. Not sposed to be easy.
Having to break up large stacks is a waste of time.

Agreed. Larger stack sizes for the things you mentioned would be a good change.


Are you suggesting smaller stacks translates into game difficulty?
I think it’s more of an annoyance to have very small stacks and have to craft 500 chests to fit your loot.
tip: You can shift+right click on a stack to split it in half.

Agreed! Brear Grylls always said that the number 1 rule for survival is knowing how to properly divide 20 sticks into two bags. Once things go south, you don’t want to sit down and start counting sticks.

Thats something i always wanted to read about and never managed to find a good article/paper about. Item stack sizes, how to define them, what is a good amount of every game and what is the thought process behind deciding it.

In Conan exiles we have 200(?) item slots in which you can carry stuff. Its only a thing when you are running the encumbrance perk, but most of time its so big that no one cares or get restricted by it. So in that aspect, stack sizes are not relevant, at least not in terms of having to manage how many differenty items you are carrying because at some point you might run out of spaces in your grid inventory.

This was a relevant thing in games where item size varies their space usage in the inventory, like Diablo or Resindent evil 4. which is far from our Conan reality. Or in games that give you a limited amount of stack slots by itself, so instead of our 200, 20. It becomes part of the strategy, deciding what you will take with you and what gets left behind, but conan already does that with encumbrance

So what is the deal when deciding that you can stack 1000 stones (which will probably encumber you a lot by itself, with a single stack, but only 100 Aloe?

Many items can be bind through the quickbar, and then it becomes a matter of balance, such as bombs having 1 stack size. You don’t want people having 64 bombs ready to be placed through a single quickbar slot, for instance.
But thats not a thing for most resources, so why?

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That argument is completely moot when it comes to such vast inconsistencies across things like yellow lotus and golden lotus for instance.

100 stack stones was terrible but I understood it was for pvp purposes. But the things mentioned like brushes and cosmetic warpaints are just convenience, they are not a concern for pvp balance. Which serious pvp clan stacks cosmetic warpaints?

There is an argument to be made for gold and silver bars, maybe even demon blood. But glass flasks at 20? Ink brushes, war paints? Aloe even?

I’d be happy if the stacks had two sizes; the stack size when in a player or NPC inventory and a second, larger, stack size, when in containers.

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