Did stack sizes change for some things?

I had a bunch of stuff that was stacked to their max (different items, different maxes) and noticed by accident that after the patch things would stack to 500 or 1000…

Yes. It’s in the patch notes, though doesn’t specify which.

Yeah, after I realized it I went through and tried stacking stuff, it cleaned up a lot of inventory. I must have missed it in the note but it would have been nice if they had said what was what.

Love the new stack…it’s definitly a good change…1000 coal,crystal,iron…etc…just freee alot of space and make a great new quality quality of life/hording…!! lmao good job funcom


Yep this is a very welcome change, I can actually envision a future where I don’t need the dreaded “chest room” any more, or at least I could make it significantly smaller since one chest would be enough to hold all items of a given type in almost all cases.

I’d still love a mini-vault / giant chest with, say, 100-150 slots though, but it becomes less and less of a pressing concern the more stack sizes increase.

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A few more things that need new stack sizes, at least x2:
Aloe extract
Dragon powder
Aloe leaves
[plants] in general
Glass flask

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It seems that for some items the stack size is based on value/tier.
If I remember correctly it was something like Iron stacks to 1000, steel 500, hardened steel 200, star metal 100. I imagine it’s the same across the board, but haven’t checked everything.

Best change of the whole patch


For some reason they made Putrid Meat a crafting ingredient. It used to be just something that clog your inventory and I wished they’d just have it go away…

One the oddest things it’s used for (IMO) is compost. I was always told never to put meat in a compost pile.

glass flask, which made no sense to begin with and demon blood should also be more stackable.

And that damn glass-flasks… Why 20?? Water-flasks = 20. Purified water = 50?
Dye = 100?! It uses the same flasks… Any “weapon” orb = 25?!

The offensive orbs stack low because they don’t want people to carry hundreds of them around. They used to weigh a lot more as I recall.

That I’m fine with TBH… I don’t want some asshat bounding around the server tossing the Gaseous Orbs behind him and calling himself Fart-Man.

I just wish they’d make up their minds, are they heavy or do they not stack much?

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I think having offensive orbs limited to 25 also ensures the hotbar only contains 25. To me that’s a good thing, makes it a bit more fair that a fellow needs to work his inventory sometimes with orb combat.

Demon blood would be my humble request. I had to build a closet near my vault room to hide the backstock of chests I crafted to hold the haul I’ll no doubt get this week.

TBH, I’d be fine with the offensive orbs stacking to 10, like potions.

Demon blood and other raw materials should stack at at least 100 though.

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One more thing I wished would stack. Armors of the same type and quality. Even if it was only max 5 in a stack. I know it won’t happen though :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing you got raided hard recently hahaha.

Bring your tears, I relish them!

Geez, post an opinion on the stacks and what they are doing to game (imo), get trolled by a broski, retaliate, and get flagged. LOL. Guess i s should just dupe and exploit on officials to avoid getting banned from something.


I clicked the flagged posts expecting something really juicy. I had no idea that suggesting 1000 stack jugs was so offensive.

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sarcasm is evil? I got it, sorry big brother didn’t

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Really would like it if dye components like False Mandrake, Cochineals, Asura’s Glory, etc. would stack to 100. Kills my hands when I’ve been farming wood in the volcano and have to hammer the drop button 100x just to purge all the bugs from my inventory.

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Yeah, basic crafting components should stack to at least 100.

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