Materials overlooked by the stack size increase update?

I’ve noticed some inconsistencies with stack sizes.
To me at least, some materials seem to have been overlooked when you initially increased the stack size.
E.g. Insulated Wood has a stack of 1000, but Shaped Wood has 500. Why?

Feel free to add your findings and I will update the main list.
Format is as follows:
Material name = What it is => What it should be

  • Fur = 100 => 500
  • Mushrooms = 100 => 500
  • Shaped Wood = 500 => 1000

It should really be a single universal stack number, makes the inventory look much cleaner, maybe make it 1000 as the stack size for all items, with the exceptions of the obvious stuff like armour, weapons, etc.

I’ll use another game that does this as an example, Final Fantasy XIV, every item can have a maximum stack of 999, with the exception of the following;

  • Weapons (some are limited to 1 per player, while others can take multiple inventory slots by having more than one, as they have a stack size of 1.)
  • Armour (same case as weapons.)
  • Catalysts (These don’t take inventory slots, but rather have their own storage and a max stack size of 9999.)
  • Key Items (Kind of obvious)
  • Minions (No, not those annoying yellow “things”, think like a pet, when unused, they have a stack size of 1.)

But back to my original point, a non-universal limit of the size of item stacks just makes the inventory look very untidy and cluttered.

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I just want things such as hero hearts and warpaint to stack. I’ll make up like 30 back up warpaints so I have them for a while and it takes 30 slots in a chest. Same with stocking up on hero hearts.

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