New Stack sizes and reduced inventory Slots

Couldn’t find it in the patch Notes, but it seem a lot of Stack sizes seem to have been reduced by up to 90%.

Things you could Stack to 1000 now Stacks to 100. Is this intended or a bug?

That, combined with the reduced Inventories (Fishtraps, Workstations) and the inflated numbers of Workstations needed (which take way too much space)… do you want us to build walls out of Chests to store our stuff and making Bases even more bigger?

And why is the Vanity “Mirror” a huge Workstation, instead a real Mirror you can just put on a single Wall tile?!

In order to determine what is and isn’t a bug, and what could be a mod change, you need to post a viable amount of information in order to figure that out. But you just “some things”. What things?


Not sure what your definition of “huge” is…but the vanity mirror is quite small for a workstation.

Without loging in, the example that comes to my mind:

Small Bugs stack now to 100. Fishtrap = 5 Slots

Putrid Meat: down to 25 (from 1000)
Yellow Lotus: down to 20 (from 1000)
Alchemical Base: down to 500 (from 1000)
Gruel: down to 100 (from 1000)

Carpenters Bench: down to 20(!) Slots

etc, etc, etc

sorry- I think this is a mod-issue. I never could stack 1000… but perhaps I don´t understand…

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I never used a stacking mod.

those numbers where never a thing over official server, so no idea wth are you talking about.

It may not be a stacking mod but a mod that amongst other things modifies stacks. It sounds like you are getting the base game values now and your game is working as intended. It might be due to a mod that has been removed.

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it looks like you now have the same stack sizes that we live with on officials

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Huh, interesting.
I wonder which mod that could have been.

Thanks for the informative feedback peeps.

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