Resources to 1K

I like being able to stack the resources to 1k I’ve been playing since EA and have gathered up lots of resources since then I would like to suggest allowing Bark & Ichor to 1k if possible

Whether stacks go to 500 or 1000, you can carry absurd amounts of things anyway. You can carry 200 Vaults in your backpack no matter the stack size of stone. People who complain about that don’t understand the abstraction inherent in something like an inventory system.


Yes I know that but I’m not planning to carry thousands of items that’s why they created large chests

Personally I’d like all the raw materials to stack to 1000 if only to decrease the aggravation of repetitive strain injuries. Some of the worst offenders are the 20-stack items like Cochineals and Demon Blood — those are absolute murder on the ol’ tendons.

The worst (from an RSI standpoint) is still the Dismantle function, and having to repeat it for every. single. block. >.<

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I’m guessing that the reason for increasing the stack size on the resources that they did is because those are the ones you need gargantuan quantities of. Increasing the stack size helps speed up collection and processing. But if you do that with all resources, then the inventory system begins to lose it’s meaning and purpose.

So I think things are fine the way they are right now.

I definately agree with you in regards to the Demon Blood stacks Larathiel. Especially since the introduction of corrupted creatures, as killing even 2 of them in a single trip can result in some 6+ (often more) stacks of them cluttering up the inventory. Another one which kind of bugs me a bit is the Yellow Lotus. For me personally, it is one the more frequently used Lotus’. So I would really like to see it stack at 100 too, so that it is consistent with every other type of Lotus.

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I do not understand the logic behind the 20s stacking. Honestly. Why?

Why not all 100s stack?

The current 1,000s stacks are okay. Please leave that way. Eisenstein (Ironstone?) could also get a 1,000s stack.

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