Let's talk about Demon Blood's stack

Do you guys think is it necessary to stack Demon Blood only up to 20 as maximum?

I think we can change the maximum stack of Demon Blood to 100 as well.

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I actually think this about most things. I do understand why potions and consumable have a lesser stack rate - to regulate the amount of healing one can keep on themselves. But, there’s no need to put such arbitrary limits on ingredients. It’s just artificially limiting your storage.

20 is fine for me. I do believe large stacks promote resource hoarding and devalue storage containers.

P.S. I think demon blood should spoil food and drinks, as well as giving you corruption, when carried in the inventory.

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It has nothing to do with spoiling food or corrupting you

They are saying it should. Which I agree on, however as they still have not implemented ancient weapons and at this point it looks like they will not, I don’t think you’ll see passive corruption due to items any time soon now that sorcery has been shelved. If they add that back in at a later date, then perhaps.

As to the main topic, I’d say 20 is more than enough of a stack size. The only thing that requires large amounts of it is the map room, which needs to be built all of once.

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I think it is generally better to have your own carry for Ch 6 Hell until you have a reliable friend list suited for just that. I’m not sure the playerbase is big enough, nor are players far enough along for a full friend list of Ch 6 Hell carries.

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