Craft recipes missing from craft menu

I have been away from the game for 6 months. just come back and find that majority of anything I know how to create is missing from craft menu. I have selected show all. I checked the knowledge menu and yes I know how to make all the things I knew before such as a foundation, a wall etc. none of these is showing in craft menu anymore. I clicked all the submenu items off n on and no change as far as showing more.
this is a game breaker. and likely a bug of one of the updates but I do not know how to fix. its the same on single player and on live.

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Not a bug. Use a construction hammer to build

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This one indeed is one of those bugs that you would call a feature :slight_smile:
To elaborate, in that crafting menu that you searched, you now have something called a Construction Hammer.
You craft that for like 20 wood and 5 twine or so and equip it, equipping that as a tool will open the construction menu - All building pieces have been moved there.
To use this new construction mode you can hit F to open the selection menu, right-click to toggle delete-mode and middle-click on already placed pieces to switch your hologram to that piece and not have to bother opening the menu.


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