Craftable Item Suggestion: Spyglass

This idea was suggested as a solution to a question I asked.

A craft-able spyglass that allows you to zoom in on distant objects AND giving you the ability to make out what type of NPC you are looking at from farther away.



They have glass. They have pirates. There is no reason they would not have some Spy-Glass type things laying about. There are MANY features like this that could be added, even if rare or hard/expensive to acquire.

I really liked the new recipes in undead city, I hope they continue with that as an example of things to come. The active participation, rather then press ā€œeā€ on a single stone is nice. As is the option of using the required items for more then a single thing. (Ingredient/Featpoints/new recipe)

Choices are part of what makes this game fun, options keep it interesting.

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This is a great idea and I am already waiting now a very long time that this will come to the game.

This is my thread from April 18.

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+1 to spyglass

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