Add Spyglass to CE

The idea is just simple as that, add spyglass for scouting purposes. It could be craftable but i think it would be ok if it could only be looted from npcs. Spyglass would be awesome, don’t you think?


I thought this was on test live already… or was a upcoming item. I forget… or maybe I’m on wrong game. XD

ohh, i didn’t about this, lol. :slight_smile:

I really dislike giving away secrets but…

Next time you need to see far away, hit right alt & F2.
Bringing up Ansel. Use the slider for view and bring everything close to you. Then esc out.

Just dont tell any one.

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yeah how about using that exact blueprint just based on a Telescope?

survivalist roleplay and no new implementation :slight_smile:


I’ll have try this one ps4… wait… were is f2 on ps4 again? =p

Ok guys, the answer to a problem or suggestion concerning the game should not be “use this mod”.

Mods are great, and can really extend and enhance the enjoyment that players can get out of a game, but they really should be more focused on things that fall outside the scope of the baseline design of the game. If a feature or enhancement would suit the original design, it’s better to have it officially added to that original design. If nothing else it would mean that you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing the mod and praying that support for that mod doesn’t up and vanish one day after an official patch.

Meh, To much works is needed to have a “good pc” and most of games I play are console only. then I would be begging for ports to PC. Which often need several patches…

Mouse may be winner, but wasd an suck it. And last several times I tried set up contoler, I could never get it just right.

Or I can buy a game, pop it in… and bam, all set up and ready to do. =3

I’ve been looking… 1200-2000$ could buy me a fudge ton of games and a ps5 and last me longer then PC would. XD

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For to much money thou… Most basically require a SSD at this point. My hold out reason for ps5 for Cyberpunk 2077.
I’ve been looking. I can get a pretty cheap 8gb memory one with 256ish ssd for under 400-500$…

I’ll just be repeating same mistakes I’ve done before. Get a PC, it ends up useless in a few years. XD Granted I got 9+ years out of LotrO, before My pc just wouldn’t handle new content.
(and said PC started on fire… ) which is why I’ve stuck to consoles past few years.

I get why people love PC, I’ve dips my toes in water a few times, and each time I hated it.

Hehe we need it so i can look through windows at a distance happalie

Then you get what you pay for.