Crafting architect: Where can I become Grandmaster?

Hey guys,

this is a question of the Old Rabbits of AoC. I am looking for an architect questline, that gives me the title of a ‘Grandmaster’.
I already made the Acheronian Builder ‘On the Edge of Forever’ and recieved the title of an ‘Arcus’, also I already finished the questline of ‘From Stone To Flesh’ with Tertius, so that I am now a ‘Sculptor’, too.

But there are stil recepies, I cannot read to my book. The system tells me, I have to be a Grandmaster of architect to read these megaliths in. I am 2nd leader of a guild with reknown 20. That shouldnt be the problem.

Does any1 of you has an idea, where I can find this questline to become ‘Grandmaster’ ?

Thx 4 your time…

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Don’t remember the names of the quests, but did you go to OT after killing the Basilisk and check for the circle at the wall in the garden left of the library? Similar circle like on previous quests near Iron tower and in Khesh where you have to use the /horizon -emote.

Yes, you must go to the bib, make your emote and then you are guided to the ‘Focus’, who spawns at your guilde own megalith. The quest seems to be finished there, when you get the title ‘Arcus’ by the Focus.
I tried a few weeks now to get a new quest at the circles, but I just made him angry, always…

I did the architect quests several years ago, so I don’t fully remember it. There might be a questgiver in OT next to the wagoner who leads you to the aquilonian borderkingdoms. But maybe that’s the q you already did.

Another attempt: did you do the quest “To see within the stone” in Tarantia noble district?

Ok, the first one is unknown to me, at least i nenglish. I must take a look, and the 2nd one I really dont know, thanks for tips … better to have some tryouts than to click every NPC in the game ^^

Who gives the quest in tarantia noble ?

EDIT: ‘to see within the stone’ is the 2nd part of the ‘Sczlpturer’-questline. After that you have go to Tertius and make some sculptures of NPCs… yes, that I already have made.

First one might be Tertius, so that was most likely “From stone to flesh”.
For the other one I just have the description from completed quest in my journal:
To see within the stone
Wanted: Artistic soul for apprenticeship
The purest marble
Meeting the master

I found a wanted poster that called for people to seek apprenticeship with the master Sculptor, Tertius.

I spoke to Archpriest Zyras, his patron, who told me that in order to win the apprenticeship I needed to gather pure marble samples in Poitain.

I gathered the required samples and delivered them to Tertius, who accepted me as his apprentice.

The wanted-poster is in the guild city. In my city it’s right in front of the keep.

Yes, I know… Got this questline already.
Ok I made a mistake somewhere. My two elder architects can read this recepy into their book.
I must compare them now. Dunno, why the new one cannot read this recepy, although she has every quest of the two questlines too.
However, thx 4 your help Fijn.