Crafting bug - Failed to Output

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [Single-player]
Region: [America]

I went to craft an item from my base inventory, I made sure the needed items were in my back pack, clicked craft, crafting cool-down started normally and the bats were consumed once it finished, however no item appeared in my Inv. I have attempted this 3 times, reloaded each time, and check game file integrity.

The item that I can not seem to get is the “Blacksmith’s Bench.” Early in the game Iron is not overly easy to obtain so failing to make this bench three times is quite frustrating. At this point I can not make any advanced tools or weapons. I do not want use a command to force this bench into my Inv. I would rather resolve the issue as there are likely to be other items that fail to craft. After searching the internet I have notice that I am not the only one with this issue. Nearly every forum or thread lists its best answer as “I had the same issue,” which was not very helpful.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Start a game.
  2. Fetch a massive amount of Iron while dodging enemies.
  3. Place the iron and bricks into your inv.
  4. Click on the Blacksmith’s bench.
  5. Click craft.
  6. Watch the crafting clock start.
  7. Wait for the item to finish and watch the materials decrease.
  8. Wonder why it does not appear in your backpack or quick bar.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 and become annoyed.

I apologize for the simplicity of this list but I do not know how to better articulate the problem. Please note that I am not being sarcastic I am just frustrated with the issue and lack of answers after searching the web. My game is at a stand still until this can be resolved.

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I’m on a busy server and have never heard about this before except a similar situation from players which were new to the game.

To my knowledge, when you craft in your inventory the needed mats are never consumed upon tapping the craft button. They are consumed when the crafting finishes. If you remove the required resources needed to craft the item before the crafting bar is full by, say, transferring them in a storage box, the item that is being crafted stops being crafted and is automaticity cancelled.

Hope this solves your issue.

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That is correct the mats do not vanish until the crafting clock finishes. I realize the way it was written was a bit confusing so I edited the Original Post.

Please note, that in this bug the mats remained in my INV the whole time. They were consumed upon the completion of the crafting timer, however the item did not find its way into my INV. Both my quick bar and backpack are devoid of Blacksmith’s Benches.

Thus far the only solution I have found is to force add the item via the Admin GUI which I do not consider a resolution to the bug.

Gawain, do you have any mods installed? There are some odd relationships that could affect crafting that are not evident in the mod description.




Negative. When I started the game I had no mods at all. When I hit the dead end so to speak, I started playing online games. The server I chose had a great many mods which I assume are now downloaded but I don’t think that they would effect my original game save as no mods were used when it was created.

The on-line server that I am playing on now, my new character has no problem making the bench. If there is no solution then I will just scarp the save, however this has been a frustration that has apparently effected several players. I continue to find treads, reddit, forum posts without answer.

So I got tired of waiting and did not want to restart, so I used a command to add the workbench in my INV. When I did this the three missing benches appeared in my INV. This is a solution of sorts, and now the bench crafts normally.

:stop_sign: However; :stop_sign: I would NOT encourage this method as it invites bad gaming habits. Admin commands effectively circumvent normal game play. I have seen too many player find the command options and all but stop playing a game. Not everyone has the demeanor or self control to limit their selves to replacing only what was lost, or delete any accidental surpluses. Some see the word godmode and disable the challenge all together. If that was the original intent, than that is their choice, however if they bought the game to actually experience it, well godmode effectively creates a false narrative and sense of accomplishment.

:arrow_right: As many other players will likely have the same issue and search the web for a result. I would advise that you only use admin commands as a last resort.

Hello @Gawain, did this issue only occur after playing on a server with mods and having them downloaded?

Please let us know if it happens again or if you’re able to reproduce it consistently.

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Negative. I only started a game online after I hit the blacksmith’s bench road block so to speak. Up until that point I had no modes whatsoever. Literally I attempted 3 times to craft the bench without a single mod or ever having played on an on-line server at that point.

I realize how frustrating this is as reproducing the issue is problematic, however this is not the first message to report it and I doubt it will be the last. There is clearly some bug that prevents delivery of items into the backpack.

I can confirm the following.

  1. My character was not over encumbered.
  2. My character was not maxed out on back pack space.
  3. My character did not relocate or use the materials before the crafting time expired.
  4. The bench did not appear in my quick bar or backpack.
  5. When I used a Admin command to force the item in my backpack. I received one more than the number of time I attempted to craft it. AKA attempted 3 times to craft, got nothing, commanded it into existence once and got four benches all at the same time.

I hope any of this information helps in finding the issue.

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