Glitch/bug involving reinforcements in blacksmith bench


so when using the black smith bench, i wanted to make iron reinforcements. so i placed 300 iron into the bench and clicked the craft all option. out of curiosity, i removed all but 1 iron bar from the bench. the game then proceeded to make 3 before i called it off to then report it. since i was single player this isn’t a major issue however if it also works on multiplayer servers it can definitely create a lot of problems involving cheaters. in summary its an endless supply of iron bars. having just tested it again, i can confirm it does not work on tools as the second the excess iron is removed the remaining picks disappear from the queue

  1. have a black smith bench (i have a level 2 thrall they might be the issue ).
  2. place any amount of iron into the bench (i placed 300 iron bars).
  3. click on the iron bar from the list of items and click on the option to create as many as possible.
    4.remove all but the required amount of iron to create 1 bar (in my case i left 1 iron bar)
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Hey there @Ricky-Spanish

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We tried to reproduce this issue but we could not despite many tries. Are you using any mods in your game?

Hmm I just to recreate it and the bug didn’t seem to occur again. I think it may have been a temporary issue at the time. But i was not using any kind of mod. Nothing unusual happened around the time. I had not discovered any new location or created anything other than the iron reinforcements. Sorry for any confusion.

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It could maybe have been a lag issue. We’re going to send note to our team regardless and see if they can find out what could have been the cause.
Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

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