Crafting issues for horses

I’ve been attempting to craft horses but the stables and animal pests are not showing the crafting progression like other pets. Crafted shellbacks to test if animal pen was functional. Worked for shellbacks but still no progress for horses in animal pen or stable.

Update to this issue. I had modified the required crafting resources to 2 instead of the base setting 1 after resetting the stats back to 1 I was able to craft horses in the stable. Will not work in the animal pen though.

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The only way to breed a horse is by using the stable, the animal pens are for crafting all the other pets.
If you are playing single player on the PS4 please be aware that time stops when you log out. This means that you will need to adjust some crafting times in the server settings if you don’t want to be waiting for a very long time when using animal pens, stables and wheels of pain.

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As mention above, the progress rate on default for horses in ungodly slow. It’ll take a moment to notice the bar even moving and showing up on stables.

I suggest knocking it down to .500 or even .0001 (which takes several seconds) if your in SP.

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