Horses crafting cost multiplier issue?

My stable doesn’t start horse crafting:

Playing on a private server with a friend. Have set the crafting cost multiplier to 2.5 times. Noticed in the animal pen that i needed two baby animals to craft one adult one.
Foal is int the top slot, plant fibre in the bottom.
Now i suspect the issue is that i cannot put two foals into a stable. Anyone got any ideas?

Just in case I’m missing something obvious, mods are:

  • Improved Quality of Life 3.4.6
  • Aui’s Level 120 Mod
  • LargerStacks
  • Fashionist v4.2.3

Well I’m not sure if your mods effect the stable or not but by default you only need one foal with some plant fiber to make a horse. Default time takes like 12 hours or so.

First check if the station is on, there’s a little play button at the top of pretty much every station so see if that shows play or stop.

Second the multipliers are weird sometimes, I’m not sure about pet and animal crafting but I think below zero is faster and above zero is slower, so if that’s correct yours would be taking 2.5 times longer and not shorter. So it’s possible it’s on but you just aren’t seeing progress because it’s taking like 30 hours with that setting.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I wasn’t talking about crafting speed multiplier tho but crafting cost. So for example instead of five iron ingots per steel I need twelve.
For the horses, the crafting progress doesnt even begin.

Oh I see, I misread that my bad. Yeah the stable only lets you put in one foal at a time so if you’ve increased the cost multiplier then I think you will need a mod in order to fix that discrepancy there, because AFAIK there’s no way to increase a stations inventory slots in any settings or anything like that. Alternatively you could just reduce the setting to make your horse then turn it back up when you have however many you want, that’s probably the easiest.