Amount of resources required increase to 2 and horses

Sorry for my language.

i want report problem widh create horses in stable.
when i increase on server amount of resources required increase items example to x5, i ned 5 foals to create horse, but in stable i can set only 1 foal.

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he is not making an suggestion but asking why when he increases the spawn rate or the needed resources to make something the amount of horses needed to create one increases also.

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The point is that you can’t make horses on the server with an creation cost multiplier for creation.
because you can only put one horse in the stable.
example i must put 2 foals in stable to take one horse.
but second foals not entered.
in option is set “creation cost multiplier” x 2.

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that is true, you can only put one horse in at a time but the multiplier does not effect animals only resources is my understanding.

Are you talking about the crafting cost multiplier if you are then setting it to 2 means it will require more to make set it to 1 for the default amount or to .5 for half as much or .75 for 3 thirds, but up above 1 means it requires more to make not less.

This looks more like a bug report. Additional information is needed as to how you play the game. I.E. Official or Private sever, Single Player, Co-Op, PC, Xbox, PS4, etc…

It would seem that it does.
@Agrrr is pointing out an interresting collision of features.

A little test I just did:
PC, SP, no mods, fresh game

crafting materials set to x2

Put 1 foal (and some fiber plants) into stables… nothing happens

moving to animal pen. Put 1 fawn in… again nothing happens

Put 2nd fawn in, a single gazelle appears in crafting queue

I do not know if it is intended that you would need 2 “base elements” to grow 1 animal, but whatever the case, current features literally prevent making a horse with “resource cost multiplier” set to more than 1 (as long as stables will remain limited to 1 foal).

@Ignasi, I believe this should consiedered as not intended behaviour?

thanks Meo
It’s exactly that i want say.
and submit problem.

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this needs to be moved to bugs section.

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