Number of Foals allowed per Stable

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Is it by design that there is a limit of one foal per stable?

Hello @Valkyrja, this is intentional despite there being 5 slots for pets, which is an UI issue that can be misleading and will be addressed in the future.


Thanks for the clarification. I figured it was intentional, but I wanted to make sure.

ok, was wondering why there were 5 slots. I foresee a day when we have larger horse stables that hold 5 horses :wink:

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Not quite sure why Stables (for horses) and Pet Pens are different ‘classes’ of buildings anyway, but there’s probably a reason.

Seems simpler to allow Horses in regular Pens, and just have the Stables as 1-slot Pens (for any animal). No biggie though, it’s all good.


That’s kinda what i was hoping for too Mikey. Oh well. I never train other pets anyway. No way i’m building a massive pen.

I’m sorta with you, Thea, with an exception. I needed a deer or three as a carry companion since, in general, I am not fond of bearers, so I built a pen, got my prize and deleted the massive structure.

If mount pens increase to that size, I will do the same.



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Oh no I think (if they were to change anything at all) it would be to allow the Stables in their current size as a 1-slot ‘pen’ (for all animals not just horses)

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There is a mod that does animal taming cages. I hope Funcom looks closely at it as a way to reduce the cumbersome animal pens down to a small size. Problem is the jumbo critters like boss rhino.

My current base has a huge space of land in the middle. Not it is packed full with some horse stables. They are pretty inefficient on space.

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