So, Stables only hold one horse?

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not entirely sure if this was intentional or not so I’m posting here, but it seems that way due to the size of the building structure. And even though I dislike only being able to tame one horse at a time, if only one horse at a time is intentional, it would probably be a good bit less misleading to just call it “Stable” instead.

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I assumed so, I will make a post in the suggestions then, because like I said it should probably just be named “Stable” to avoid misleading. Or even have just Stable, and then add an upgraded “Stables” after with four or five slots like the Animal Pen. Which may sound dumb, but with the seemingly completely randomization on what horse you’ll get, farming for a good one would be easier with a bigger stable. Plus this single stable still has like six slots, which just adds to the misleading factor of it. so now, TO THE SUGGESTIONS!!!

Hey @blunadz6196, there’s an actual issue with the UI showing more slots than intended, which will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

As Multigun has mentioned, the one horse limit per stable is intentional.

In the stream Jens said, the stables were meant to be smaller than animal pen…

Well they for sure are, but as you can only have 1 horse in it… 5x stables would be bigger than an animal pen.

Why not allow horse to be put in animal pens? Is there any reason?

PS.: If you already can put horses in animal pen, then ignore it. But my horse base is not my mainbase :smiley:

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