Crafting Khitan structures cancels queued structures

Game mode: SinglePlayer (I’m not high enough level to confirm on MultiPlayer)]
Problem: Bug
Region: I was building in the Highlands

If you queue several items to be crafted and one of those Items is a Khitan Wall piece then once the Khitan Wall piece completes all other queue items are cleared from the crafting queue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start crafting a Khitan Wall structural piece.
  2. Before the wall completes add something else to the crafting queue, e.g. Insulated wooded wall
  3. Observe that when the Khitan Piece completes its crafting that the queue is cleared.

Also, the Khitan Frame and Khitan Doorframe pieces have details on them that I feel should match up with similar details on the Khitan Wall pieces. However, the Khitan Wall pieces are plain on both sides. Adding this detail to the wall sections would greatly enhance the over feel of the design.

Having the same issue crafting Khitan armours. I queue up (for example) 5 helms, 5 chest, 5 bracers, etc. As soon as the 5 helms are done the queue is empty so you actually have to sit there and craft one type of iten at a time, quite annoying.