Crafting stations QOL list

Crafting is a huge part of The game. However there are a few small areas that I think would make major impacts on the process.

1- change crafting station sorting system to the toggle system used in player inventories, and now storage bins. Not only does a single click, as opposed to scrolling to and then using dropdown (I play console) make things much easier, but the sorting being persistent each time you access the station (as opposed to resetting to custom) would be great.

2 - allow improved armorer’s bench to craft all armor patterns. The list of available armor and prerequisites is already massive and convoluted enough that combining them wouldn’t make a great difference in my mind. It would free up floor space, and allow crafting to be more streamlined.

3 - improved carpenters bench. Could be a prerequisite to epic hilt’s and arrows, and provide more inventory space for crafting wood.

4 - internal station upgrades. While leaving the ability to craft improved stations by hand, adding a function much like alters to upgrade the station to its improved version as a functional recipe in its menu.

Number 4 I know is already going through development now. Oscar chatted about it during the last Q and A, which I documented and time stamped here.

Excellent! Thank you for the information. Feel free to leave feedback on all of my suggestions, and thanks for your time.

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