Crash in combat

Game mode: Online - Official Server #2007
Problem: Crash
Region: Europe

I was farming plants fiber near New Asagarth, i was entering into combat with a wolf when client crashes.
Then i had to play five minuts in single player, after that i reconected online. My character respawn in desert. I had to suicide in order to respawn in my base, and i went to the location to my dead body, but it was not there.
I lost my armour, all the weapons and tools i was carrying. It’s not the first time this happened, and it’s becoming an annoyance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Entering combat with a wolf
2.client crashes
3.respawn in desert
4.suicide in order to respawn in bed
5.respawn in bed and go to my dead body
6.dead body disappear
7.All weapons, tools, armour and resources lost
8.Switch off XBOX, go to bed annoying