Crash on Game Startup

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Region: US
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I get this crash on game startup.

The UE4-ConanSandbox Game has crashed and will close
Fatal error:
[File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\AsyncLoading.cpp] [Line: 3447]
Could not find SuperStruct ReceiveCanHealthRegen to create RecieveCanHealthRegen

I’ve tried reinstalling and validating game files.

Steps to Reproduce:

This happens during the game intro, this is also now un-skippable with “…” repeated in the bottom left.

Clearing out my /Mods folder seems to have fixed my issue.

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