Crashes and bugs galore! It's ridiculous!

I’ve tried to be patient with Funcom as they work these bugs and crashes out, I really have. They tell us that this crash will be fixed or that bug will be patched. 4 patches later, and the game is STILL riddled with bugs and crashes. What is going on? While I understand that stuff like this takes time, its been over a month already since release and I haven’t really seen much difference in server performance. Thralls are still falling through the map, I crash and get sent back to the dashboard 10 seconds after loading into the Official servers, and all 4 Thralls that were sitting on my workstations just up and gone. Nowhere to be found and no sign of forced entry into my workshop. Honestly I’m just tired of all the BS surrounding this game anymore. Until it’s fixed, I don’t think I’ll be coming back to play anytime soon.