Crashing PC On Launch - Already Tried Verifying Files

Hey there!

So, as the title says, my game is crashing my PC after launching it from Steam :c

I had this issue literally yesterday with another game as well, but fixed it by verifying my game files (something like 1900+ files were missing) and after that, it worked great.

I cannot say the same for Conan! In fact, it said no files were missing. And, it uninstalled itself from my PC! The other game also uninstalled a game from my PC, weirdly enough, but not itself, it uninstalled a non-related game that luckily only took 2 or 3 minutes to reinstall, but I know Conan will take much longer to reinstall.

So I’m wondering if there is an issue with my PC, if anyone has had similar issues, what fixes did you find, maybe why it uninstalled itself from my PC, etc. or if anyone has any suggestions on what could possibly be the problem?

I have also posted this topic discussion on the Steam discussion forums.

Also, to clarify, the game itself isnt even opening, my PC freezes completely. The first thing I noticed was my mouse was frozen, and I had to hard restart my PC to be able to do anything, I couldn’t tab into a different window or open Task Manager.

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