Game Crashes with no error code

so i have submitted 2 tickets over the last 2 weeks and they are just being closed instead of getting any help, my game keeps crashing on launch after an amd and windows update on aug 28th. ive played over 1k hours on the computer, ive done 2 fresh installs, im not running mods and ive tried several work arounds i found online but nothing works. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings TRUEWOLF!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome back to our forums.

Given that there is no error code, does the game simply closes (crashes) itself with no window popping out showing an error code, fatal error, nor anything?
If any of these windows pops up, share a screenshot of them with us please.

Additionally, if you’re playing on Steam, please verify your files by going to your Conan Exiles on Steam → right click it and go to ‘‘Properties’’ → Installed Files → and click to ‘‘Verify’’.

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

Thank you very much for replying, But one of the Admins on the server i play at figured it out. Turns out it was because i have two m.2 drives in my computer and steam was on C: and conan was on D:, even though ive been playing like that for 3 years i guess the update from amd and windows on august 27th messed that up somehow. ive been running into a few crash issues because the game wont run in ultra graphics and i have to lower it medium. but besides that it seems to be stable now. so what would happen is as soon as i click launch on the launcher and conan would go to full screen it would pop up saying fatal error, there was no code or string attached in the box. i would get the submit report popup and then it would shut down after submitting report.

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