Crashing when in SP/Coop server

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash |
Region: EU

Whenever i play on a SP/coop game i end up getting this crash, be it when i just stand in the base or walk around. Once this crash comes it will crash nonstop after this. Anyone else having this issue? Please for the love of god fix this, this is making me and my friend regretting getting this game badly.

Here is the error message:Fatal error: [File:C:\UE4\CSAND\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\AsyncLoading.cpp] [Line: 6615]
LoadPackageAsync failed to begin to load a package because the supplied package name was neither a valid long package name nor a filename of a map within a content folder: ‘’


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same here!sadly :frowning: