CrashReportClient.exe reported by kaspersky as trojan "Trojan.Win32.Alien.fba!

Dear Funcom I am reporting that the Kaspersky Total Security 2019 application, started detecting file CrashReportClient.exe as trojan “Trojan.Win32.Alien.fba“ in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Binaries\Win64”.
The present situation is already reported to kaspersky awaiting feedback.

Ps: denote that this situation can affect millions of players in Conan Exiles

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I’m not surprised, i think there different antivire that may give troubles, and Kapersky is a pain at itself. :joy:

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Thanks for the report! I’m currently investigating the issue.

We do have a new version of the CrashReporter, the old one had pretty much not been modified since Age of Conan, so we decided to make a new version that looks more modern, as well as some generic cleaning of the code, but nothing that should have triggered an antivirus :scream:.

Maybe it’s a problem with the digital signature, I had a similar issue with the Dedicated Server Launcher, and fixing the certificate solved the problem :crossed_fingers:


So, some updates.

First information, this is not even the new crash reporter at all, it’s still the old one:


This one has not been changed in months, it’s still correctly signed, and actually since the initial post, it looks like Kaspersky changed the results, now if you go to the Virus Total page, you’ll see (at least right now) that we have only 2 out of 66 Anti Virus systems claiming this is infected (one is “Rising” and the other one is “Tencent”).

So I guess it’s just a fluke in the heuristics system used by some of the AV companies.

We submitted a “false positive report” to Rising, but could not find one for Tencent. (Generally speaking, in most cases submitting a false positive report is the best way to solve these issues)

Hopefully you should be able to run Conan correctly now.

That being said, since I mentioned we had a new reporter coming (the code is in the main branch, that’s why it did not yet make it to the live version), I guess I can show you what it looks like:


Nothing incredible but:

  • The text is less verbose and easier to understand
  • The email field is gone
  • There is a link to the Funcom privacy policy page
  • The Funcom logo (and flag) are both clickable and link respectively to the official forums and Funcom home page
  • It was upgraded to look a bit less like a Windows 95 application :older_man:

The rest is the same, and in an ideal world you should never see it :slight_smile:


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