CrashReportClient.ExE - UDS:Tjoan

Hi guys. My antivirus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Notifies CrashReportClient.ExE as UDS:Trojan.Win32,Alien.
Any suggestion what I should do?

My bet is to just ad it as an exclusion, but it would feel good if someone holds my hand on this one.
Maybe the devs wanna know about it to?

Much Love. 29

Ya, it was reported on Steam too. Ignasis and the tech team is on the case already.

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Truly, you should always have the entire client directories of games you trust excluded from scans. False positives have plagued PC gaming since AV solutions were implemented. Not only that, but the software scanning your game files and processes in memory will reduce stability, corrupt clients, and lower game performance.

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