Kaspersky thinks CrashReportClient.exe is a trojan

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In a routine scan Kaspersky Total Security marked CrashReportClient.exe as Trojan-PSW.Win32.Stealer.xqy

Now I’m sure it’s just a false positive, the only thing that gives me to think is that every time Conan Exiles crashed in the past few days, I had a hard time getting Conan to COMPLETELY close, so Steam would let me start it up again without restarting Steam completely.

Again, I’m sure it’s nothing, I just want to make sure and report it just in case.

I would upload it to Virustotal and stuff, but the file is “in use” despite the fact that I have just started the PC and it should not be running. (ignored in Kaspersky)


Not necessarily the best thing to do. There is a reason virus protections trigger. Sure, it can be a false positive, but that doesn’t mean it is.

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Had the same problem. The redownloaded file was deleted immediately.

Same issue, Zonealarm flaggin crash reporter as Trojan-PSW.Win32.Stealer.xqy after reinstalling for 2 hours :frowning:

And thats how companies like mail . ru or my . com infest your computer with intrusive software. I’m not saying Funcom is doing that, but I wouldn’t white list anything unless the company approves it or at the very least, do some research on the particular file.

In which case, do what you want, right? LOL. Just don’t complain when you find out all your personal info is being sold to 3rd party vendors.

Pretty sure it’s a false positive :slight_smile: Kaspersky has done the same thing in the past, apparently it has something to do with how the reporter writes its logs (and other possible reason noted below):

While I disagree that antivirus is unnecessary, they are definitely not infallible and I would be inclined to trust most of what Steam lets on their distribution servers…

Edit 2 - Ignasis also commented on a similar issue some time back:

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