Create PVP/PVE/Without building zone in Dev Kit

Hello everyone, I’m new on the forum and in Dev Kit can you please tell me how you can implement a zone in which it will not be possible to attack players and build?
I understand that this is possible, but I do not understand what and where to edit. And placing pvp flags all over the map where it needs to be resolved is very long and difficult.

If anything, I apologize for my English, I’m from Russia

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Welcome to Conan exiles , I have a question here for clarifying what I read .
You want to fix a PvP server or a pve c ?

I haven’t decided how simple it is. make a safe zone on pvp or combat zones on pve
I’m trying to figure out for now, is it possible to do this in the editor? and if yes, then how. because I did not find any guides on this topic

Well i will summon for you some server owners , maybe they have the answers that you are looking for :woman_shrugging:t3: .
@sestus2009 , @Larathiel , @Narelle .


You may use Battle Standards from vanilla game on PVE, so players can have battles around them.


It’s not very convenient to put them all over the map)
I came to the option that it is easier to make a pvp server with a security zone for beginners. where you can’t fight and build.


Unless you already have scripting experience, you are tasking yourself with too much of an ambitious project.

There are plenty of available resources and tutorials on the mod discord on how to edit the map. It’s not new user friendly, but if you work at it for a few months you’ll probably get the hang of it.

The “No PvP zones”, that’s where you’ll need to do a lot of blueprinting for. There isn’t anything like that for you to use as a starting point, youll basically have to do something from scratch. And if you don’t know how to code or blueprint already, that’s a very tough project.


I guess it’s not easy, the experience with UE is not great, but there is. I thought to somehow make a bound in which it is forbidden to place buildings + remove player damage to the player. It seems like this is possible through flags. Or the thought of doing a reverse flag battle flag.


Your English is a lot better than English speakers I have run into. I am on ps4 and this is way above my pay grade. Those battle standards are a pain you get locked on them when running by. Went to pve-c on my server people can fight but no building damage. Good luck with your endeavors. Let us know how it works out.


Yes, pvp flags are not an option, of course.Therefore, I am looking for a way out suitable for a beginner)

I will supplement the post, it may be clearer. I edited the jpg file of the map, putting “red” zones on it. In them, players cannot build and attack according to the rules of the server. But I want to do it at the code level. As I understand it, in theory, you can make a “figure” that will work as a trigger and remove / apply the PVP mode and construction flag. But I have no idea how to do it.
P.S i can’t upload img…

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I know that you are way experienced in this point and this is great reason I asked your opinion . @100Rad my dear friend get ready for a lot of complaints cries etc … Life of an admin in Conan exiles is very difficult to the heroic point , still I can tell you one problem you will find in this mixture …
1 .When someone is raided and see that he is loosing ,he can drink a potion , vanish from his base over encumbered and go to the pve zone to protect him self .
2. Or maybe someone is in danger chased by others and enter the pve zone to protect him self .
3. The worst scenario , someone from pve zones , farm for pvp clans . This would destroy all the philosophy of the game and the complaints would be massive .

My opinion ,is to create a pve c server and every weekend allow raids only in bases you fix as an admin for raid . Explain to the players who play on the server that if they try to raid other bases they will be banned instantly . You are an admin and you can replace all the loss the victim had and at the same time to summon a god or two and bring down the base of the raider :wink: , or simplest dismantle it :woman_shrugging:t3: . Another thing that you can do is to ask a great place in the North not to be builded by anyone and the clans that they want to fight eachother can have mats from you to build constructions max 10x10 , provide them thralls and mats for trebuchet and they can fight eachother without actually loose anything . They will love it .
Anyway , good luck my friend

Your truth!) Thank you

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In the past I co admin a lot . I spend hundreds of hours building parkours , challenges ,arenas , labyrinths , map rooms etc … The most difficult part is that the ones that loose are never happy and they judge you a lot and nusty , to much ungreatfullnes from the players ,to much . A few will say a simple thank you ,the most will complain , so I decided that if I ever fix a server of my own it would be totally vanilla , no admin help ,pve difficulty barbaric . I will not allow more than 10 pets and 20 thralls . Still I will organise charity weekends from old players to new and every player that build close to obelisks he must have map rooms open for everyone . After 2 years online gaming in PS4 I didn’t find players that would like to play barbaric difficulty :pensive: . So I have to wait more .

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It was solved thanks to the character transfer system. This mod is available in Steam. Allows you to move characters between servers linked through it.
Now i have PVP and PVE servers with one character.
P.s mod name Amunet Server Transfer


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