Crime and Passion (RP 18+) Dark Fantasy Server

Crime and Passion (RP 18+) Dark Fantasy Server

Discord: Discord

Welcome to CNP, where the server lore is entirely in the hands of the players!

We just began a brand new season on the 1st of April with all the best mods!
No immediate wipes planned!

Savage Wilds for a fresh new map
The best gameplay mods: AOC, TW, and Emberlight!
The best anim mods: Devious Desires, RP Redux, Beyond Theatrics and Slavermod
The best build mods: GCAM, Dude’s, Cathedrals and Eastern Exiles
The best customisation mods: RA, EE, Legacy of Darkness and others.
And many more!

The Savage Wilds Map!
The Age of Calamitous!
3x XP!

Kingdom System and a PvP Warzone!
Friendliest players you’ll ever meet!
Consent-based, completely optional PVP

Custom mods made by the author of Cathedrals, Eastern Exiles, Amazing Antiques and others!

Ready to play Age of Calamitous on the Savage Wilds Map?
We got it, we’re ready, so come and play with us; cause we’re looking forward to meeting you and having you join us!
We have several well established Clans ready to support you!
Or come make your own Clan and chose to become a Vassal with the Kingdom System!

I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite server on the internet.