Crime and Passion (Dark Fantasy 18+)

Direct Connect:
Discord : 4jMfT8e
Most recent wipe: May 21, 2020
CNP is a dark fantasy roleplay server with unique lore. An ancient deity named Evora has cursed the sky as a punishment to the prisoners of the Exiled Lands. This server features a custom mod that sets the mood of a dark fantasy world.

The server features Dungeon Master Tools professions and eldritch weapons prominently, and has a rich but easy to follow lore guide for fantasy races and magic. Many cosmetic mods have been included to allow the players to be the character they wish to be. Factions are encouraged to mingle both peacefully and hostilely, and are given unique options and ways of accomplishing quests. If you’re tired of the same old Conan Exiles experience, come take a look at Crime & Passion. We bring a new atmosphere, a new story, and community events every week.

------------------------------------ Server Highlights:
-Active Staff -Starter Kit -Free Level 60 -2 Server Hubs -Player Hubs allowed -High build limit -Build limit counted by pieces -Daily repeatable quests and dungeons -Quests for recipes
------------------------------------ Key Mods:
-CNP Server Mod
-Dungeon Master Tools
-Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling -Dude’s Delightful Decorations -Conan Sexiles -Northern Timber
-Thrall Wars
-Warrior Mutator -Exiles Extreme
-RP Aesthetics
-Improved Quality of Life -Emberlight
-LBPR and Support Beams