Crit Gaming Community

New server with active admins running Pippi mod. 20 slots and expanding. PvE with upcoming PvP events.

We’re looking to expand our Crit Gaming Community into Exiles.

Currently we are working on our admin builds. These builds will be incorporated on release and be used to house various events.

Ex: Run huge maze through obstacles and enemies to get to the center boss for a chance at improved loot. Goto the admin built pvp arena, maybe 5 v 5, red outfit vs. blue. Last color standing reaps the rewards. (we’ll be looking to set times and days for events as well as scaling various events for new/intermediate/hard and wtf!!?)

Also we’ll be listening to our community as it grows to incorporate new ideas and whatnot.

Inventory stays on death. Admin built spawn area with portals to various regions. 10x XP and Harvesting. Server settings may change after release. We’ll have to work out what’s best for our community :slight_smile: Discord is available should you want to come and say hello.

Look us up in the PVE section.

Crit Gaming x10 Pippi Mod

Hope to see you there.

Looking for people to come in and give input on pvp arena and maze. Both are WIP and layouts are about the only things that i’m good with atm. All input is welcome, good, bad, ugly lol.

Have a great day!