Croc boss and Buc Bay spawns behind curse wall

Title: Croc boss and Buc Bay spawns behind curse wall
Version: Latest

Croc world boss at buc bay has spawned behind the cursed wall and won’t respawn in its current place.

Character: Level 60

Steps to Reproduce.

Wall in the boss, boss will then transpose itself behind the wall.

Dorizzdt, I was unable to reproduce this in solo or online, private dedicated server. I killed the croc and he respawned where expected.

I use this as a rather regular run, killing the boss, collecting several thousand mushrooms and collecting Argossian Dream Dust and Rare Spice.

Unfortunately, my conditions may not have been the same as yours. First, the form at the top of the post you started give us the information needed to replicate and you missed that part :slight_smile:

As additional questions:
Any mods?
What does this mean? Wall in the boss,



Hi Jim,

I’ve isolated the bug down to build impact. If i put a pillar within i am guessing the spawn radius of the said croc, it moves the croc out behind the curse wall. If i delete the said pillar, the croc returns.

I noticed that every 15mins (which I’m assuming is the croc spawn) the said croc would spawn out on the horizon, begin to walk slowly into the water then below the map and disappear.

You can see this live on pvp 1974 server.

Good catch, please mark your last post as the solution. You are correct about the respawn timer, and the chest is on a 20 minute respawn.

You must have chosen an exact spot, because this is the first I have heard of a spawn location movement. Normally, if the critter is within the land claim radius, it just does not spawn. Perhaps the proximity of the wall has something to do with it also.

Regardless, congratulations, that’s a fruitful area for quite a few things.



Maybe the crocodiles have a different set up.
I used to have a base against the small lake in the Newb oasis area. The giant crocodile was placed there after my base was built. It normally spawned against my building. I extended the building hoping to kill the spawn (solo/Co-op) and discovered that move only caused it to spawn in a different area of the lake.

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