Crocodile world boss

Ok, I have been farming the Crocodile world boss, located at F8, for a few days, and until yesterday had no problems. After killing him yesterday, he has not re-spawned, nor has his chest. I have checked other bosses and they re-spawn just fine. Anyone know why this is happening?

That’s the one in the cave, right? Check the both inside the cave and atop the cliff to see if someone has started building too close to their spawn. i.e. select a foundation and sweep it back and forth over the area to see if you get the “This land is already claimed” notification.

If so, they you may need to ask other players to adjust their building placement slightly.

Note, however, that you can build fairly close to its spawn (on Officials) without disrupting it. On the server we play on, my clan built a kill pen near the back wall and both the chest and croc still spawn ok. You only need about 5-foundations (roughly 2-second sprint) of leeway to ensure a given resource or creature is not despawned.

This is the croc and chest at Priestking’s Retreat, I believe. There should be no reason (if you’re playing SP and you haven’t built) why they don’t respawn. Are you playing Single Player or on a server?

You can check out my youtube video for killing him its an easy method youtube+com/watch?v=M4xcZHvdbKA

I am playing single player, and I have not done anything different from all other times I have killed him. It is the one at Priestking’s Retreat.

Sometimes in single player the rendering of things can bug out and not spawn in what was ment to be there. Try running away from the area and then walk slowly there and see if it helps

I suspected. Ready for a road trip? There is considerable information about bosses not spawning, and how to make them come back. I have built trap bases at Priestking since before there was loot, and before even a giant croc. When the croc here won’t spawn, I go to the other croc boss chest. After I kill him and empty the chest, Priestking will have regenerated by the next game load. (As in close CE, open again in SP.)

Second, I have friends who swear the way to reset Priestking is to kill the boss croc at the Hot Springs near N’Batu. I have done that on the way to my solution, doubled back and found it had not fixed it.

The boss croc is found above Buccaneer Bay, near the northern Ghost Fence. This is also a great place for farming keys, is a beautiful location, and one/many of the tall rock pillars here is large enough in diameter to support a beautiful round maproom.

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