Boss respawn - giant crocodile


Can players on official pve servers prevents bosses(3 shills) to spawn?
Same question for related crates.

Because I saw a player surrounding the lake where normally the large crocodile spawn.

I want only confirmation, cause I read that I can ask funcom to clean the building since it ruins the availability of a boss.


If a player builds within the spawn zone, it can cause the boss not to spawn.

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in life i always find myself questioning if ppl are stupid or rude…i usually give them the compliment of calling them stupid.

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I think I will complain to funcom hoping they will intervene and free the zone for that stupid building

@ignasis @Hugo @community can you please help restoring this abuse. Player build a wall fence around the lake where the giant crocodile spawn, near the sentinels. Server is pve 3181

I think you have to private msg them. Have you tried talking to the player first? Let them know they are creating a problem, and a rule infraction. They may be willing to adjust their build. Be diplomatic.

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I wrote PM to admins. I can’t talk with player directly if I can’t find them online I suppose.

You can set wooden signposts around their base and write “you’re blocking a boss spawn, please remove your wall” on them.

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