King alligator is spawning inside my house everytime server resets

spent alot of time building this house only to find out king alligator spawns inside my house everytime server resets can you fix this without forcing me and my friends to build a house somewhere else teleportplayer -7110.92334 221724.8125 - 19558.285156 PVE Offical server #1507

still happening right now

There are indeed places you should not build. It is part of the whole experience. You need to make better decisions on where to build. It is all a learning curve… like… don’t build a place next to where the shell backs nest or you hear those dang babies Mehehehehe’ing all the time… don’t build on or near spawn spots. ( not the answer you want, but it is the one you are apt to get)

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Move your house. Or enjoy your new friend.

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The responses to this thread are pretty rude honestly. They consist of “move your house”. The reality is the game isn’t supposed to have things spawn inside your dwelling…the way it works is things won’t spawn if you build somewhere. People should think before they open their mouths.

Thing is World bosses have their own landclaim radius, once you know that and where the world bosses are located you should be able to build everywhere (in theory) without having ennemies spawning in your base.
but if you built on a world boss territory, well, you know what can happen.
But i think we should simply not be able to build in these locations in the first place, it would make things clear for players who don’t know yet, because to be honnest i was wondering myself too, if i should build my base near muriela 's hope as planed regardless of the rhino king’s territory, but at the end i said “nope, no freaking rhino boss killing my thralls everyday”

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boss still shouldnt be spawning inside my house period (it will be perma stuck and no1 can kill it if its not changed)

There are plenty more giant crocodiles, you can leave that one trapped.
Also, some world boss spawns ‘are’ unclaimable. There’s one giant crocodile spawn location that it won’t let me build at. They should make it consistent across all boss spawns.

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Rude… .no I think not, just stating the truth… and… what good is having world bosses, if all you have to do is build a shack where they spawn to prevent them from being in the game??


There’s at least three giant croc spawn points, maybe more. We need more croc shacks.

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then it’s up to the devs to establish a zone where it spawns that you can’t build…dur

It’s also up to players to think for themselves. Being able to build somewhere doesn’t mean you should.

This isn’t how things are supposed to work…if you build somewhere there is no reason for a mob to ever spawn inside your base…that’s the way the devs want it to function, they have stated this serveral times. So the issue is a bug…not the fault of the players. kthanxbai.

But it’s a boss. You can’t expect it to ‘not’ spawn, even if they built on its spawn point.
I’m more curious about ‘why’ someone would do that in the first place.

But you’re right. Not the player’s fault at all. They see a giant, man-eating crocodile and decide to live right there with it. Silly devs, it’s all their fault for giving us the freedom to live with giant crocs.

The way it worked before people like You would build in npc spawn areas and ruin it for the whole server because it would despawn npcs. Now when some tool builds in boss spawn area they get a croc in their house. Seems right to me


yea to bad idc about the alligator being there i figured id post so they could fix it for people who wanna farm it lol it cant hit me xd no1 can farm this spawn because its stuck in my house which most of u missed the point…

It’s only stuck in your house if you allow it to be. You could set it free. You have the power.

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unlucky i guess it will be stuck there till developers fix it

I think this would entirely be fixed by the game not spawning mobs/npcs untill an allotted time after server start. A few minutes at least, would be enough for the server to load the player built structures to determine what spawn areas are blocked. Though I do agree with the others sentiment, while it isn’t the answer you want, moving your base, is at the moment the only ‘perminant’ solution.

its not causing any problems i just dont want it stuck in my house