King alligator spawning my house


spent alot of time building this house only to find out king alligator spawns inside my house everytime server resets can you fix this without forcing me and my friends to build a house somewhere else teleportplayer -7110.92334 221724.8125 - 19558.285156 PVE Offical server #1507


You got one of the best NPCs when it comes to defense :smiley:


Best guard dog, build an enclosure around it


After a recent patch, I am having issues with non-bosses spawning inside our buildings. This was entertaining at first, however having a black rhino spawn on top of roleplay has become troublesome. >.< I am on a private server, not an official one, and while the building I am reporting about is on the Savannah, it happens elsewhere too.

On top of that, we also suddenly have animals ‘seeing’ us inside buildings, and able to walk through our walls to get to us.


yea thats how my house is little alligators spawn inside but only one also i made a gateway door to let the king alligator out but it glitches and wont walk through even though its a massive gate lol


mr alligator is still stuck


Lol and i thought i had problems with rabbits spawning in mine :smile:


yea its nice and annoying at same time